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The dairy of a kurdish woman

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 my Sephora VIP SALE 

I usually never got sucked into the annual sale at Sephora. I never bought anything when it came to the yearly sales that went on where people would buy bags and bags of makeup and haul it for their youtube channel. Though I don't have a youtube channel, and this is my first time really spending money at the Sephora sale I thought it was my year to give it a go.


 mY female voice of the world

I love discovering talented, brave and fierce Kurdish young girls who are passionate about their homeland and how they work towards making a change for gender equality in our male dominant society. You are very much appreciated and loved and will always have my support and respect, no matter where you are, know that you are not alone and that I stand with you. - Dashni



Every time I see those mountains I'm reminded of you. I'm reminded of you as a fighter. The fighter who fought for those 21 rays and the unconditional love for the mountains. The ones who faced death when the world caused you pain. The ones who approached death's door when the world ran away. 


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